Pearson promotes corporate English upskilling at HRSE KSA, enhancing Saudi’s Vision 2030 workforce development

 Pearson, (FTSE: PSON.L), the world’s leading learning company, will demonstrate its Language Solutions for Work at the HRSE KSA (HR Summit & Expo) in Riyadh on May 27 & 28, 2024. Designed to address a significant skills gap in English proficiency in the region, these innovative solutions can aid businesses aiming to recruit, retain and develop top talent, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to diversify and strengthen its economy. 

Ali Elsabban, Head of Corporate, MENAT at Pearson, and a presenter at the Summit, emphasized the strategic value of language learning and its alignment with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. “Our commitment to leading in language solutions that support corporate upskilling is more crucial than ever. The latest findings from Pearson research shows that 98% respondents from Saudi Arabia view English proficiency as essential for securing advanced roles, and those more proficient are often in leadership positions. By investing in language skills, we are not only enhancing recruitment and communication but also fostering a capable, inclusive workforce prepared to tackle tomorrow’s business challenges and contribute to organizational success.”

During the event, Pearson will highlight its key offerings, including Versant by Pearson and Mondly by Pearson. Versant, a renowned language assessment tool, and Mondly – an app based language learning tool, which focuses on practical language learning, are designed to enhance workplace communication and operational effectiveness. These innovations play a vital role in enabling companies to improve their talent acquisition, retention, and overall employee performance within a dynamic and globally connected business environment.

Pearson recently launched its report titled “How English Empowers Your Tomorrow,” and the findings revealed a critical up to 40% skills gap in English language proficiency across industries. Other findings indicate that while 80% of respondents in Saudi Arabia possess an English qualification, only 42% feel confident in all four language skills of reading, listening, writing, and speaking in professional settings. This highlights the urgent need for focused language development.

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