Launching of the Dermatology Conference in Riyadh

 Under the title “Opening Horizons for Dermatology Advancements”

AbbVie Saudi Arabia, the global company specialized in research and development in the field of biopharmaceuticals, has recently organized the Dermatology Conference, at Intercontinental Hotel Riyadh, with the participation of six prominent Saudi speakers in dermatology and a distinguished participation from international speaker Laura Savage. The conference was attended by more than 70 dermatologists from various regions of Saudi Arabia. The conference included a group of scientific lectures and workshops to review updates in the management of dermatological diseases, especially psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

Dr. Afaf Alsheikh, Consultant Dermatologist, praised the great organization of the conference, which reflects the interest of physicians in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in always being aware of the latest protocols of diagnosis and disease control to advance the health system in the Kingdom. Dr. Afaf pointed out that psoriasis is a chronic disease that worsens over time. Psoriatic arthritis is a type of arthritis that affects some psoriasis patients. It is a disease in which red spots appear on the skin topped with silvery scales, most patients develop psoriasis several years before they are diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. But for some, joint problems begin before or at the same time as the skin spots appear. Dr. Afaf added that the conference shared updates of the American Academy of Dermatology congress regarding psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, which included the latest methods of psoriasis management, as well as the importance of timely intervention and its role in disease control.

Dr. Mohamed Alhadab, Assistant Professor and Head of Dermatology department at King Saud University, explained that medical development in the field of dermatology has become noticeable thanks to the Kingdom’s efforts and its constant interest in keeping up with the latest global medical updates and recommendations on one hand and the interest in exchanging experiences and organizing conferences, medical events and workshops on the other hand. In his lecture on the systemic inflammatory nature of atopic dermatitis, Dr. Alhadab emphasized the importance of early examination and consulting a dermatologist when atopic dermatitis symptoms appear, such as dry, cracked skin, itching, the presence of rash on swollen skin, increased thickness, and other symptoms. He stressed the importance of shared decision-making to deal with and control the disease, until the patient regains his normal condition. Alhadab also praised the large attendance at the conference, which provided the opportunity to exchange experiences and review the latest recommendations of the American Academy of Dermatology congress.

Ashraf Daoud, General Manager of AbbVie’s regional headquarters in Saudi Arabia, pointed out that such medical conferences are an important way to exchange experiences, follow up on the latest diagnostic methods, review the latest clinical studies, and present updates to manage the disease and improve lives of those suffering from dermatological diseases, especially immune-related ones. He added that AbbVie strives to participate in organizing medical events and contribute to raising awareness and health education within the framework of its commitment to individual and community health and to provide what would raise the level of health care in the Kingdom.

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