Al-Dawaa Launches Nationwide Shingles Awareness Campaign

Joining Saudi Arabia’s fight against shingles, Al-Dawaa Medical Services Company, the owner of Al-Dawaa Pharmacies chain, has teamed up with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Saudi Arabia to launch a public awareness campaign on the disease. The campaign aimed to educate the public about shingles, its symptoms, treatment options, and prevention measures and encourage vaccination against the illness. As part of this campaign, certain Al-Dawaa Pharmacies across the Kingdom have made the vaccine free. The Ministry of Health has authorized these pharmacies to provide adult vaccination services.
Mr. Mohammed Al-Faraj, CEO of DMSC, emphasized the importance of providing high-quality healthcare services, actively participating in health awareness initiatives, and promoting understanding and successful disease management, particularly shingles, which is a significant issue for people of both genders over the age of 50.
“DMSC views this campaign as a way to fulfill its social responsibility mission. Serving the community has been a core principle for DMSC since its founding, and this campaign reflects that commitment. We dedicate our scientific and professional expertise to supporting health initiatives and other activities that benefit our communities across Saudi Arabia.”
“Al-Dawaa is one of the largest retail pharmacy chains in Saudi Arabia. It began its journey in 1993 in the city of Al-Khobar and thus became one of the leading companies in the field of healthcare in Saudi Arabia. Today, after more than a quarter of a century filled with success, we stand as a giant company backed by an extensive network of over 900 high-quality pharmacies, serving communities in more than 100 cities across the Kingdom.”
Commending DMSC efforts and impactful contributions to shingles awareness campaigns, Mr. Farouk Rayhan, General Manager of Glaxo Saudi Arabia, urged everyone to take the necessary steps to protect themselves from this disease. He also praised the Ministry of Health’s efforts in offering vaccines in its various medical facilities and organizing ongoing awareness campaigns about the disease.
Shingles disease causes a rash that affects the nerves and is accompanied by severe pain. Its signs and symptoms usually appear in a small area on one side of the body. In other cases, the pain might continue for months or years, even after the rash has disappeared.
The Saudi Ministry of Health recommends that adults aged 50 and up get the appropriate vaccines, including the shingles vaccine, which is part of the MOH adult immunization program.

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